Running Same WordPress Site on 2 Or More Domains !

  Have you ever thought of running your wordpress site on two domains ie, with same content ? Here is a simple solution for you. Logic Overriding the WP_SITEURL , WP_HOME, WP_PLUGIN_URL Add the following lines to wp-config.php [crayon-5b55da241561c566663198/] This is most simple method and you can also try something like this [crayon-5b55da2415626131589448/] Have any questions ? Just comment below đŸ˜€ -S!D

WordPress Easy Installer

There are somany case when we only have FTP access and Database Details to Install WordPress, Usual way to install WP is to download the package , unzip and upload all via ftp to server with will take much time on a slower connection. My friend Akhill Joy Reported such a situation. I have written a simple script which would allow you to install WordPress with simple clicks. Now it is designed to install latest version of wordpress and its

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