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Raspberry Pi 2 Hands on Review

Raspberry Pi 2 is the Latest Version of the Raspberry pi family. Got it Delivered from Crazy Pi On 10th Feb 2014, shipping was done very fast by them.  Buy From Here : Link First Review  The boot time was pretty fast , almost 7 seconds . It is equipped with a 900MHz quad-core Broadcom BCM2836 CPU with 1GB DDR2 RAM with makes the whole thing run Fast . Its claimed that its 6 time faster than the previous one.

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WiFi to Ethernet using Raspberry Pi

You can use your PI as a router to share the ethernet connection to  WiFi Devices , What about the other way ? Here is tut for Ethernet to WiFi : ( This tut helped me to get idea ) Requirements A Raspberry Pi, model B. A boot SD card for the Raspberry Pi. Connected to Networking Via WiFi An Ethernet cable to connect PC Assumes that you have connected your device via WiFi and ssh logged in using WiFi .

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Buy Raspberry Pi Model A Plus India

The Raspberry Pi Model A+ is the perfect board for the minimalist Pi fan. This low-cost Pi uses the same processor as the model B+, but does away with the Ethernet jack and three of the USB Ports. This makes it lower power, less expensive and much lighter & smaller! It’s still compatible with all Pi operating systems and software, and has the exact same 40 pin GPIO connector and camera/display sockets, so any HATs or Pi Plates or other

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[Solved] Raspberry Pi Wifi Disconnect Problems

Here Sometimes due to signal strength and some other issues the raspberry pi WiFi disconnects and will not reconnect automatically. Here is a script to check status of the WiFi and keep it connected. Tip :- You can disconnect and connect wifi using   sudo ifdown wlan0 and 'sudo ifup wlan0` respectively  Change directory to /usr/local/bin  and create file