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Install Ubuntu Mate On Raspberry Pi 2 B

Raspberry Pi - siddhu - May 6, 2015

Today installed ubuntu mate on raspberry pi . The Procedure is same as usual . Download zipped image file (Download From here ) Extract…

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Raspberry Pi 2 Ethernet and SD Card Benchmark Results

Raspberry Pi - siddhu - February 20, 2015


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Raspberry Pi 2 Hands on Review

Raspberry Pi - siddhu - February 10, 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 is the Latest Version of the Raspberry pi family. Got it Delivered from Crazy Pi On 10th Feb 2014, shipping was done…

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WiFi to Ethernet using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi - siddhu - December 23, 2014

You can use your PI as a router to share the ethernet connection to ¬†WiFi Devices , What about the other way ? Here is…

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[Solved] Raspberry Pi Wifi Disconnect Problems

Raspberry Pi - siddhu - July 9, 2014

Here Sometimes due to signal strength and some other issues the raspberry pi WiFi disconnects and will not reconnect automatically. Here is a script to…

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