How to update speedtest mod – Pi-hole

Updating speedtest mod is simple. Switch to root [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a0b608953836/] If you dont have speedtest.db in /etc/pihole [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a17637657621/] # get latest file [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a1b642823774/] Get latest admin from github [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a1e648394338/] If git [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a21725731021-i/]  gives something like [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a24328303683-i/] [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a28211065734/] If git [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a2a980123176-i/]  gives something like [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a2d991008741-i/] [crayon-5b55dd2ac0a31568578129/]

Add Speedtest to Pihole WebUI

So this project is just another fun project integrating speed test to PiHole Web UI. Note: It’s just a quick solution, nowhere near perfect. If you made it better please let me know here  Discord ( prefered ) or  Google+ Community  It will be using on background for testing. More frequent the speed tests more data will used. What does this mod have in extra ? Speedtest results of 1 /2 4/ 7/30  days as graph. Custom speed test server selection. Detailed

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Voice activated Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi with visual feedback

How to enable Ok google in Google Home running on raspberry pi. Add visual notifications It allows us to understand what is the current state of our Raspberry Pi assistant Blue Light : Google  Assistant is listening. Red :Ligh : Google Assistant is saying something. Schematics  Coding part Clone the Google SDK git repository  to home directory . [crayon-5b55dd2ac372c970761263/] Now edit the file   [crayon-5b55dd2ac3735775452658-i/] Modify the contents [ changes/ additions are highlighted ] [crayon-5b55dd2ac3739155730755/] Install RPI GPIO in

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Load balancing home router with Raspberry Pi

After the fix for Realtek usb ethernet card for openwrt to run on raspberry pi 2,  I started my new project,  Load balancing router. The working is quite simple, install and configure MWAN3 but I can’t install from repo since I got the source and compiled it with the patch for my usb ethernet card, purchased a few more of those from eBay and combined to form 2 WANs and  2 LANs. The WAN WAN uses 2 usb ethernet adapters and

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OpenWRT with rtl8152 for Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry pi OpenWrt with rtl8152 USB Ethernet dongle support . By default it is disabled in kernel we can enable it and compile [ Refer : ] here the one i have compiled for my Raspberry Pi 2. Working Flashable image with rtl8152 support openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2709-sdcard-vfat-ext4.img How to manually do it  Refer : How to build OpenWrt Refer : The following lines should add the 2 realtek USB-Ethernet modules to OpenWrt: (in packages/linux/modules/   [crayon-5b55dd2ac5361276630193/] Add those two modules in Kernel -> Modules – > Usb

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