How to update speedtest mod – Pi-hole

Updating speedtest mod is simple. Switch to root [crayon-5b0511fa44ca7438672283/] If you dont have speedtest.db in /etc/pihole [crayon-5b0511fa44cb3674848145/] # get latest file [crayon-5b0511fa44cb9553832146/] Get latest admin from github [crayon-5b0511fa44cbe810578645/] If git [crayon-5b0511fa44cc3994782913-i/]  gives something like [crayon-5b0511fa44cc7598003378-i/] [crayon-5b0511fa44ccc767466592/] If git [crayon-5b0511fa44cd0461950100-i/]  gives something like [crayon-5b0511fa44cd5500249944-i/] [crayon-5b0511fa44cda936785072/]

Add Speedtest to Pihole WebUI

So this project is just another fun project integrating speed test to PiHole Web UI. Note: It’s just a quick solution, nowhere near perfect. If you made it better please let me know here  Discord ( prefered ) or  Google+ Community  It will be using on background for testing. More frequent the speed tests more data will used. What does this mod have in extra ? Speedtest results of 1 /2 4/ 7/30  days as graph. Custom speed test server selection. Detailed

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