Super VPN

When planning to protect your online identity, you should look for a VPN service that offers an ideal balance of price, features and online security. Everyone can benefit from using efficient VPN service – students, workers, Wi-Fi users and all those who want to download safely and free of charge. A VPN provider usually owns servers in various countries and can enable your secure communication via mail, chat and VoIP. All you have to do is easily set up a

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How to Protect Your SSH Server With Fail2Ban [Linux/Ubuntu]

SH is a good tool for you to remotely access your computer/server and make changes to it as if you are in front of the computer. If you have a SSH server, we have shown you how to generate and use a public/private key so you can connect to the remote server securely, but that doesn’t mean your SSH server is safe. On the contrary, most SSH servers are vulnerable to brute force attack and if you are not paying

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Fix Missing Wireless Drivers on Ubuntu 12.04 , 13.10 BCM43xx Laptop

Your  Laptop’s Wifi not working in Ubuntu ? Here we have solution for BCM43xx Laptops , To check your model number [crayon-5b55dbab880bc947605394/] Sample Result [crayon-5b55dbab880c5039716675/] Here BCM4311 is ur model How to FIX  Get Internet  Via LAN cable or some where and run following command on terminal. [crayon-5b55dbab880c9256183020/] Restart your Laptop